Bellezza Video 1
directed by Omar
Bellezza Video
UPC: 855033001605
TRT: 1H-39M


5-Star Film!

Nicole Scott, Kimberley Allure, Claudia & Sophie Strauss.

Beautiful Women Doing Beautiful Things.
Sex-Positive. All-Women. Super-Explicit.

The House Sitter
Kimberley's secret crush is outed when the friend she's house sitting for comes home early, only to find that someone has been going through her drawers!

The Escort
Claudia was expecting another dreary evening working as an escort. But when she doesn't get the 'John' she expects, she ends up having more fun on the job than she ever thought possible!

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, 3 bonus scenes. Shot in High Definition.

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