Bellezza Video 3
directed by Omar
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Bellezza Video
UPC: 855033001629
TRT: 1H-38M

5-Star Film!

Paris Kennedy & Mahealani, Candy Elektra & Sophie Strauss.

Beautiful Women Doing Beautiful Things.
Sex-Positive. All-Women. Super-Explicit.

Bellezza (Beauty in Italian) continues in this third volume to strive for healthy, affectionate and sex-positive portrayals of women who genuinely love being with other women.

The Nanny
When Paris gets a day off as Nanny to Mahealani’s son, 40 year old Mahealani wastes no time teaching her nanny the pleasures of female company!

The Bridesmaid
Candy and Sophie haven’t seen each other since childhood. But when a sister’s wedding reunites them, they rekindle their passions for each other over an old game of spin-the-bottle! Completely toy free!

Behind the Scenes
Re-watch Candy’s orgasm unedited, as she convinces a proud Sophie that she “totally made me come!”, and that it was the first time she had on-camera.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, trailers. Shot in High Definition.

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