Naughty Naturals 1
directed by Reno
Club Reno
UPC: 881472100135
TRT: 53M


5-Star Film!

Michelle Lay & Staci Waters.

This is a reality series of naughty women with NATURAL BODIES caught in the act of flirtatious fun with an obvious sexual attraction between them.

This particular scene is when Michelle Lay meets up with Staci Waters at the Adult Expo Convention in Las Vegas. The following day, the two girls get together and hang out at Staci's condo. When two hot chicks have the "HOTS" for each other and Reno is hanging around with a camcorder...the rest is history!

These two waste no time getting to know each other. From kissing, to fingers to a hot and long 69 session, the day ends with real orgasms for both girls.

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery.

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