Naughty Girls 2:
Girls, Girls, Girls!
directed by Don Marque

SMG Video
TRT: 2H-5M


5-Star Film!

Bunny Love & Dayton Rains, Alexandra Nice & Coral Sands, Violet Love & Lilly, Naughtia Childs & Kaylyn, Bunny Love & Eva, Baily & Bolivia.

Scene Listing:
[0:44] University Co-eds, Volume #17 - Bunny Love & Dayton Rains
Bunny is the most naturally beautiful girl in adult today. She's an 18 year old dream. When I see her, she runs shivers up and down my spine. She is so breathtaking that the thought of possessing this magnificent creature through any means necessary jangled every thought process of mine for weeks, till her magic over me had subsided. Bunny and Dayton Rains play two female students who want to attend prom night together.

[20:03] Panty World, Volume #3 - Alexandra Nice & Coral Sands
Panties, Panties, and more Panties - A pure visual feast for the senses. Alexandra Nice puts on quite a show, changing and trying on a bunch of panties, for you the viewer. She and Coral Sands put on a lesbian show that will rock your senses.

[37:38] Panty World, Volume #5 - Violet Love & Lilly
Panty Desires of a Lesbian - A moment in time we sneak a peek at a couple of Spanish lesbian lovers. One's desire for the other is as powerful as a 20 mega-ton thermonuclear device. These nasty girls didn't even bother to strip their panties off before they hit the shower. Damn that's naughty.

[59:07] Panty World, Volume #8 - Naughtia Childs & Kaylyn
The Voyeur - The Voyeur stumbles upon a sight that would stimulate a corpse. Two naughty girls doing nasty things to each other.

[1:23:14] Panty World, Volume #9 - Bunny Love & Eva
Truth or Dare - Truth or Dare... A simple game or is it? What happens when a few girls stretch the game to the limit. The dare - to tease the school dyke by making a pass at her. Then watch what happens!

[1:43:23] Runaways, Volume #1 - Baily & Bolivia
Will Work For Food - You see them everyday- bums that carry the sign, "will work for food." This story tells the experience of one such bum that happens to be a female. One has to wonder, what happened to her in her young life to be put in such a compromising situation - just ripe for sexual exploration.

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NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered, chapter index.

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