All About Eve
directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas
TRT: 1H-56M

5-Star Film!

Eve, Judith Fox, Silvia, Sandra Shine, Mia Stone & Jamie.

Eve - Private Investigator
Licence To Thrill

When Mrs. Shine suspects her husband of cheating she seeks help from the sexiest private eye in the city.

Eve P.I. is an expert at uncovering the truth, as well as many other things. We join the delectable Mrs. Shine as Detective Eve reveals her findings.
Eve - Slumber Party
Restless Night

The gorgeous young Eve invites her friend Jamie over for the evening. The two girls have been very good friends for a long time. They share a wonderful night together talking about old times and telling tales of past relationships. They are very close and Eve has always dreamt of taking their friendship a step further.

We join the girls as they prepare to go to bed.
Silvia Pays a Visit

Eve loves to maintain a very varied and uninhibited sex life. Due to her large circle of stunning young girlfriends, she is never stuck when she gets the horny urge to make love. One of her closest friends is Silvia, a stunning lady whom Eve calls upon for advice and tips on how to really pleasure another woman.

We join them as Eve proves to Silvia that there's not much more she can teach her.
A Private Dance
No Touching

Eve loves exploring the unknown. One thing that really gets her pulse racing is the anticipation of making love to a beautiful girl that she knows nothing about. She decides to call Judit Fox, a perfectly-formed sexy stripper whom her friend has recommended. Ms. Fox assumes she will just be performing her usual routine. Eve however has other ideas.

We join Eve eagerly waiting for Ms. Fox to arrive.
Eve - Weekend Away
Call Girl

Eve decides to spend a weekend away from home by herself. She books a hotel and enjoys some quality alone time relaxing. After a few hours the rampant little Eve gets a little bored and craves some attention of the female kind. The problem is all her girlfriends are back at home. What a dilemma.

We join Eve as she tries to solve this pussy-craving predicament.

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