Babes from Budapest
directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas
TRT: 1H-30M


Vera, Sonia, Sophie, Vivienne, Estelle & Monica.

There isn’t a hot-blooded male on the planet who hasn’t dreamed of being a fly-on-the-wall at a MensWorld photo-session. Well now you can, and then some … because we flew our sex-search crew direct to Budapest to film the horniest Hungarian babes they could find. Follow the babes through the casting and onto the set, and listen to them reveal their most intimate fantasies before letting loose in a series of mind-blowing solo, and girl-on-girl sex sessions. Intimate and sizzling, this is the most revealing insight into the world of glamour photography ever.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards, photo gallery & preview trailers. NTSC.

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