of the Makeup Artist
directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas

5-Star Film!

Vera, Zora Banx, Jo, Stella Stevens & Cayenne.

Zora Banx stars as a dominant woman having her way on the set of an all-girl porn movie. Vera co-stars as her rival make-up artist, Lil' Dana. Together they compete for the attention of 18 year old virgin, Cayenne, and blonde beauty Stella Stevens. A high-art movie crafted with style, Confessions... is a highly erotic and hardcore film containing graphic scenes of sex, slow teasing and deep kissing. All the girls had genuine orgasms on film and were closely involved in the production of the movie. These beautiful girls had fun making this, and it shows. Seven scenes of sensuous lesbian love making, frantic fucking, anal playing and lessons in expert pussy-licking. This movie is a serious must for fans of all-girl hardcore. An erotic masterpiece.

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Selected Reviews

Super nice video - one of Viv's best ever. So good, in fact, that when I saw it I couldn't help thinking that Viv was crazy, releasing this as the first of the year. It sets an intimidating bar for everything else to come, including PV3. In fact, it even sets and then resets the bar several times for itself. You think that the Stella/Zora scene is as good as it can get, then at the end there is the Vera/Zora scene, which is something else.

The idea of having the girls use their native language (Hungarian) is inspired - they are much more relaxed. Alas, the subtitling is not able to keep up with the chat, but you can't have everything I suppose. PV3 (which is also Hungarian) has a lot to live up to.

Fan In The UK
If this is the world of lesbian porn after Pink Velvet 3, that world is in good hands. I would say that even productions as mighty as PV3 are going to have trouble topping this one. Stunning women (Stella and Vera are again standouts) and a storyline that makes this one seem like a real movie, and not some thrown together porn shoot.

Spoken in Hungarian (with English subtitles) this one has a really natural feel to it. The women, being more comfortable speaking their language, actually turn in some pretty good performances. And the sex scenes are playful and intensely erotic. Nothing appears to be awkward or contrived anywhere. Another brilliant effort from Viv Thomas Productions.

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