Pink Velvet 2
Directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas

5-Star Film!

Ella, Jo, Vera, Peaches, Anoushka & Jamie.

aka The Loss of Innocence. The story has moved on a few years and Jo is working as a property developer in Portugal, living with her step-mum Anoushka and step-sister 'Peaches'. Jo is feeling lonely, homesick, and the only thing keeping her going is Vera, a girl who works in her office.

Meanwhile, Ella has discovered letters written to her mother. Love letters, from Jo. She decides to travel to Portgual, to surprise Jo and to seek her revenge.

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Selected Reviews

This is an excellent lesbian movie, no question about it. I wont explain to you how it is because we all know how Viv Thomas videos are, not to mention those terrific girls from east Europe. But if you think you're going to see something of Pink Velvet 1 level... hmm... I don't know. PV1 is hard to improve, even to match. Let me put it this way: once you drive a Ferrari any other car will feel like a Geo Metro, even a Mercedes. Still a very good movie though, but without that highly erotic atmosphere of PV1. I recommend this movie anyway.

professional muff diver
This is a short review: Pink Velvet 1, excellent... Pink Velvet 2, excellent. Great locals, beautiful/exotic women, including Anoushka!! Passion, seduction, no overbearing music and great camera work. I'm sure there will be some nit-picking on this movie but all in all as close to perfect (for me) as one can get. Great job Viv Thomas! Recommended, Of course!!

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