Sandy: Babe Abroad
Season 2
Directed by Viv Thomas
Playboy TV, UK
TRT:3H - 36M

5-Star Film!

Sandy, Ella, Julianne, Mia, Candy, Trixi, Susie, Viktoria, Lisa, Sharon, Janine, Tiffany & Samantha.

These exclusive hardcore edits are unseen and were never broadcast in the UK!

Episode 1 - ARRIVING
Sandy arrives at her new villa in Portugal to be greeted by beautiful brunette Ella, but she doesn’t even get through the door before Ella gets them both horny and naked in no time.

Episode 2 - POOL PRANKS
Sandy and petite and pretty blonde Julianne are getting very filthy and very horny in the sun by the pool. Well they are on holiday.

Episode 3 - SLEEPY SEX
Sandy wants to go to sleep but her horny minx friend Mia has other ideas. Sandy resists her sexy suggestions for about thirty seconds because after all sex is much more fun than sleep.

Episode 4 - ROUGH RIDING
Sandy and Candy, her tall blonde fine friend, are off on a bike ride together. But it soon turns into another kind of ride, which makes a much better spectator sport.

Episode 5 - HITCHIKING
While Sandy is out for a drive she picks up a pretty hitchhiker named Trixi. Sandy doesn’t mind giving her a lift for free, though of course if Trixi feels like licking Sandy all over…

Episode 6 - COCK & TAILS
Sandy hosts a cocktail party, but she’s only invited a gorgeous blonde. They have to find their own way to pass the time – and it’s the naughtiest way they can think of!

Sexy Sandy and vixen Viktoria are sunbathing, but rubbing sun tan lotion on each other gets the girls all excited. Fortunately they have interesting toys and lots of time.

Episode 8 - BAR BONKING
Sandy sees a gorgeous girl in a bar and decides she won’t be able to stop herself from having her. As usual Sandy gets her own way and they both have a very good time!

Episode 9 - BUBBLES
Sandy and her beautiful brunette friend share a special moment in the Jacuzzi. Sandy is so hot and wet and begging for it and her friend is only too happy to oblige!

Episode 10 - POOLSIDE SEX
Sandy joins luscious blonde Janine by the pool. These two horny chicks are going to do a little more than sunbathe and they can make each other wet without any help from the pool.

Episode 11 - WINE & WOMEN
Sandy is off picking grapes with her stunning blonde friend Tiffany but there are much more fun, and filthy, things to do in a vineyard than pick grapes and these girls do all of them.

Sandy spots Samantha at the pool, and wastes no time in taking this girl to her bedroom for some hot sex. These passionate girls test every position in the book. Definitely a climatic ending.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards, chapter index. NTSC.

Selected Reviews

This film is in a word - AWESOME! I'm a huge fan of lesbian kissing films, and Sandy is a master. She is very into it, and this shows by the way she sucks the lips of her partners. Also, the neck and arm licking is extremely hot as is just about everything that's here. A MUST HAVE. You will not be disappointed.

Lyn Lyn
Really great girl/girl film. Lots of kissing and great sex. These girls know how to enjoy themselves. Watch this film with a friend and find yourself having as much fun as the girls in the film!

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