Searching for Silvia
Directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas
TRT:2H - 32M

5-Star Film!

Silvia Saint, Jo, Jamie, Tara, Janine & Henrietta.

The long-anticipated return of Silvia Saint!

Silvia portrays a young vivacious woman whose m.o. is to "borrow" luxury villas in which to hold elaborate lesbian sex rituals. Investigators finally catch-up with Tara, one of the lovely participants of Silvia’s sex harem, and the shenanigans begin. See all your favorite Euro lovelies in this special feature! Silvia's first film in two years brings her back on the scene with a BANG!

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Fan in the UK
Just to let you in North America know this effort by Viv Thomas is a brilliant piece of work. In many ways, it is better and far more erotic than PV 1. And, it has Silvia Saint, of course. If this is any indication of the way Thomas is taking his videos in terms of their production values and storylines, we could all see some wonderful productions from him over the next few years.

I recently have been buying Lezlove Video films whenever I can find them in the local stores. The more that I watch “Searching for Sylvia,” the more it leaves me climbing the walls. This is a REALLY nice film with some really pretty girls. The third scene between Jo and Silvia was truly one of the hottest and sexiest scenes I've ever seen. The two girls looked incredibly beautiful together, and were obviously relaxed and totally in tune with one another. Towards the end of the scene, the two vixens treat each other to the most tantalizing and delightful analingus. Jo looked so beautiful with her face just inches from Sylvia’s rear, marveling at her beauty. Coming from a girl that’s been into women most of her life, I strongly recommend this film for both men and women. It’s a very erotic film.

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