The Secret Video Diary
of a Lesbian Nympho
Directed by Viv Thomas
Playboy TV, UK

5-Star Film!

Ella, Nadia (Andrea Spinks), Jazmine, Anoushka, Louise, Tara & Kelle-Marie.

Peek inside the secret diary of our ever-horny Ella, who just can’t seem to keep her hands off every pretty girl she meets! See her close-up and personal sexual encounters with a range of beautiful girls.

These are the 6 fully un-cut broadcast episodes that aired in the EU:

Episode 1, Day 1 - Ella hadn't had enough sex with Nadia from the previous night, so she seduces her again at the breakfast table. “Sex is the breakfast of champions!” she proclaims as the two lovers romp in the kitchen.

Episode 2, Day 2 - Ella wants to see if she can get another girl to have sex in front of the camera. After a while out she spots a very pretty girl, Jazmine, who she invites back up to her flat for some fun!

Episode 3, Day 3 - Ella has arranged for a salesgirl to come around to show her all of the latest sex toys. Anoushka turns up with a suitcase full of toys! Ella gets a little bit too excited, and like a child at Christmas begins testing the toys out before she’s meant to. Anoushka, miffed at Ella for using her brand-new toys decides that she will only give demonstrations from now on herself. As far as Ella is concerned this is fine!

Episode 4, Day 4 - Ella is at the gym. She meets another beautiful girl there, Louise, and asks her to come back to her house for a different kind of workout!

Episode 5, Day 5 - Ella is walking around when she spies a girl undressing in a top-flat window. She somehow manages to sweet talk her way into the building and then into the girls pants! This episode features Tara.

Episode 6, Day 6 - In this final episode we reveal who has been filming the private video diary and it’s Kelle Marie. The two girls then decide to film their lovemaking session.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, digitally remastered and encoded to broadcast standards. NTSC.

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