The Sole Collector
Directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas

Sandy, Sophie Moone, Kylie, Stella Stevens & Kathy Moore.

A pair of priceless heels...
An obsessive collector...
Three days of hardcore leg sex!

Kathy Moore is a collector of rare and expensive high-heels. The Dahto Black Diamond heels are priceless, and she'd do anything to get them! With her assistant Stella Stevens in tow all she has to do is spend three days at the house of Lady Sandy and the shoes are hers. But of course, she's not the only collector who wants the shoes... and what does Sandy have in mind for the next three days?

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes & trailers. NTSC.

Selected Reviews

Fan In The UK
Back in the 70s, when you combined the members of various top rock bands into one group, they were called a "supergroup." This DVD features the supergroup of erotic performers of this decade. What do you get when you cast Sandy, Sophie Moone, Kylie, Stella, and Kathy Moore in a DVD? Perhaps a DVD that should carry a health warning.

This video caters to foot fetishists, but the beauty of these women goes far beyond their feet. This video is a slick and extraordinarily beautiful project. Who needs Viagra with so many beautiful women in one project? This DVD is an astonishing experience for the senses. Brilliant in so many ways. Cheers! This is another gooooaaaaaaal for VT Productions.

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