The Platinum Collection -
Sex with Peaches
directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas
TRT: 3H-1M

5-Star Film!

Peaches, Lisa, Henrietta, Silvia Saint, Jo, Gina B, Vera & Ella.

Peaches has the most amazing breasts you will ever see, with perfectly round, pert pink nipples. Her long, thick brown mane flows down to the crack of her arse. Her legs are long, like Greek columns. When she looks at you with her dark 'come-to-bed' eyes you feel shivers of lust-fever flowing through your body. Her arse is plump and firm, begging to be caressed. Her pussy is neat, pink, trim and small, it smells like a fresh peach and its moisture is nature's nectar.

Here is a collection of her scenes from movies.

Scene Listing:
[1:24] Pink Velvet #2 - Peaches & Ella

[33:37] Forbidden Fruits - Peaches & Vera

[58:02] Pussy In Paradise - Peaches & Gina B

[1:18:58] Forbidden Fruits - Peaches & Jo

[1:48:37] Pink Velvet #3 - Peaches & Henrietta

[2:18:29] Unfaithful #1 - Peaches & Lisa

[2:41:38] Inside Peaches - Peaches & Silvia Saint

[3:01:51] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, interview with Peaches, trailers. NTSC.

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