Teenage Seduction
Directed by Viv Thomas
Rolling Images
TRT:1H - 27M

5-Star Film!

Sadie & Dana, Kelle & Jo, Anoushka & Olivia, Angie George & Natalie.

There's nothing more erotic than a young girl being seduced by an older girl... to see innocence corrupted and tight pussies penetrated!

A police woman gives a young shoplifter a chance to feel the law!

Little Jo is having difficulties in class. A stunning new teacher helps with her homework!

Mother Superior punishes a virginal nun for having sexual dreams.

A schoolgirl, locked out of her house after lessons gets a 'special tutorial' at licking pussy by her Aunt-like neighbor.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, photo gallery & trailers. NTSC.

Selected Reviews

Ever so rarely there comes along a player that so utterly kicks their competition's asses that they set the standard for every one else to futilely aspire towards. This is Viv Thomas. Nobody else has his combination of realistic sets, beautiful color design, hot scenarios, crystal clear cinematography, and the MOST unbelievable girls you've ever seen this side of a European fashion show. His only failings are sound, and dialogue, neither of which can be heard over the annoying soundtrack most of the time. If he ever learns how to employ direct sound, over dubbed soundtracks, I don't know if I would ever watch anybody else's videos.

Teenage Seduction is one of the best lesbian videos I've ever seen, or am likely to see. I won't waste space going over the scenes in detail as that has been done extensively already. I will state my unabashed lust for Jo, from the second scene, and testify to the superb kissing throughout this video. Only the first scene skipped the kissing, but that was due to the nature of the role-playing in this scenario, I believe. True, the nun scene is a little creepy, but if you can ignore the associations, it still delivers some real passion. The last scene, like the second, also features a stunning little blonde which will raise your blood pressure for sure. God, these girls are so cute and so hot, I almost can't believe it when they start making love to each other. It's almost like a dream... But that's what Viv is - a maker of erotic fantasies and dreams. Images so beautiful, they probably couldn't exist in reality, but they can excite your mind and body when captured on the screen. My fantasy? I would really like to see Jo paired up with the blonde from scene 4. Now that would be mind-blowing.

Another note which I don't think has been mentioned is that these scenes are more explicit than other Viv productions such as Mayfair, Babes Abroad, etc. The cunnilingus can be seen, rather than just implied as is usually the case with him.

The only really negative feeling I got from watching this video was wondering why I waited so long to get it. Recommended? I can't emphasize this enough. Unless you don't like beautiful girls, lots of kissing, clear camera work, or hot scenarios, get this video today! A+

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