Tales of the Clit
directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas
TRT: 2H-10M

5-Star Film!

Silvia Saint, Nella, Eufrat, Lisa & Suzie Diamond.

The Tutor
Nelly, the spoilt little rich girl is home for the summer and bored out of her mind. Her parents are away and have arranged for a private tutor to visit the house and give her some much needed academic assistance.

Nelly however has other things on her mind when her Tutor, played by Silvia Saint turns up on her doorstep. Nelly’s sexual appetite is what has gotten her into so much trouble in the past, she simply cannot resist a beautiful woman as her long suffering but gorgeous maid Eufrat can testify. She is Nelly’s slave every summer whether it be for food, cleaning or sex – Nelly get’s what she wants. This year however not all is as it seems and Nelly is in for the shock of her life.

The Breakdown
Silvia is on her way back from a work conference when her car breaks down along a remote country road. As night creeps in an attractive woman pulls up and offers to put her up for the night and drive her into town in the morning. With no other option Silvia accepts and finds herself accompanying the strange but alluring woman back to her house.

Once there Silvia is seduced by not only the woman she accepted the lift from but also her mysterious daughter who harbours a secret that will eat away at Silvia’s very core.

The Hostel
Suzie is a 19 year old backpacker who has lost her way and in desperate need of a bed for the night. Luckily she stumbles upon a hostel hidden deep in the woods. The hostel owner, played by Silvia Saint, offers Suzie a room but has no intention of letting her sleep.

This is no ordinary hostel and from the moment Suzie steps inside she is subjected to all manner of sapphic, sordid lust that she just cannot help indulging in. The question is – will she ever want to leave?

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