Unfaithful 3
Directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas
UPC: 855033001834

5-Star Film!

Nella, Lisa, Trisha Brill, Esmeralda & Vera.

When Nella discovers her lover is a serial cheater she loses herself in a subverted emotional frenzy. Having never been with another woman, she now wants to taste the mistress who caused her lover's infidelity.

Having breathed a fresh scent Nella suddenly finds a new inner-self, and a new hot-blooded sexuality as she becomes the adulterer. Lost in a succession of affairs the two women are driven apart by desires and passions neither can understand nor control.

Unfaithful 3 shows genuine and fully-explicit lesbian sex as it's never been seen before. Provocative and very graphic, this is true lesbian eroticism at the highest level.

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, filmed in HDV, Dolby digital sound, chapter index, trailers. NTSC.

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