Viv's Dream Team Girls
Directed by Viv Thomas
Viv Thomas

5-Star Film!

Sandy & Sophie Moone, Peaches & Gina B, Eve & Bridgett, Vera & Jamie, Sandra Shine & Stella Stevens.

Viv Thomas has spent his career photographing the most beautiful women in the world. Now for the first time he has selected 10 of his very best and kindly asked them to lick, probe and ravish each other's perfect bodies.

These stunning starlets show exactly why they belong in the Dream Team.

Scene Listing:

[1:09] Sandy & Sophie Moone

[29:56] Peaches & Gina B

[50:56] Eve & Bridgett

[1:15:43] Vera & Jamie

[1:38:34] Sandra Shine & Stella Stevens

[2:00:20] End Credits

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING -- PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, bonus scenes. NTSC.

Selected Reviews

My favourite Viv title (excluding the Pink Velvet series). Expectations weren't particularly high for this; after all the disc is made of five unconnected scenes with ten of the best of Viv's girls showcasing their talents. Thatís it. But what makes this a standout Viv release is the quality of the scenes.

The first scene, between Sandy and Sophie Moon, is good, but the other scenes just get better and better. Gina B and Peaches in scene two share real, slow, passionate kisses, bettered still in scene three with Bridgett and Eve. Vera and Jamie's pairing is really hot; they kiss one another a lot, and it's actually a better scene than their pairing in The Art of Kissing.

This leads to the final scene, and what a matchup this is: Stella Stevens (my favourite Viv girl) and Sandra Shine. They literally devour one another with tons of kissing, great pussy licking, and an undeniable attraction for each other - wow.

As I said, it really doesn't have the potential to be great, but trust me it is. I know there's no story thread or linked scenes, but who cares when the action is this good. Viv's on a roll at the moment - this comes out at the same time as the fantastic Pink Velvet 3 and The Art Of Kissing - but on its own merits, Viv's Dream Team more than holds its own.

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